What Joshua And Caleb Saw

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Scripture Reference : Numbers Chapter 13

This story about spies is found in the Bible in the book of Joshua. It teaches us to trust God rather than be afraid.

God told Moses that it was time for the children of Israel to go to the good land He had promised their ancestors. ‘Choose twelve men to spy out the land,’ God said.

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The twelve men went to Canaan and saw how well everything grew. The cows were fat, the corn tall and the gardens were full of fruit trees and hives of bees.

And the grapes on the vines were the biggest they had ever seen! Two men carried bunches of grapes, on a branch, to show Moses.

But when the spies saw the big walls of the city they were scared and said, ‘We could never live in this land! The people will be too strong and will fight us.’

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They went back and told Moses all they had seen. ‘The walls of the city are too high and the men of Canaan are as big as giants. They would be too strong for us,’ they said.

But Joshua and Caleb showed Moses the figs, grapes and pomegranates, which grew so well in Canaan.‘This is good land God has shown us,’ they said. ‘There is milk and plenty of honey too.’

‘God has always looked after us since we came out of Egypt. Let us trust God to give us this good land, as He promised


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