Samson And Delilah

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Scripture Reference Judges 13-16


This is the story from the Bible of a man that God gave the power to be very, very strong. But although he was very strong he was very weak when it came to saying ‘no’ to doing wrong.

An angel told Manoah and his wife that they would have a baby boy. He must never cut his hair to show that he was promised to God and would be strong and save his people from their enemies.

They called their son Samson. One day when he was older, he was walking along, minding his own business, when a wild lion attacked him. He was so strong he picked it up and killed it.

His enemies wanted to know what made Samson strong, so that they could get rid of him. They sent a beautiful woman, called Delilah, to find out and Samson fell in love with her.

She kept pestering him to tell her what made him strong. Finally he told her that he had never cut his hair because he was promised to God when he was born.

While he slept, Delilah cut off Samson’s hair and so his promise to God was broken. He had been tricked by a beautiful woman. Now his enemies could catch him easily.

They put him in prison to work like a slave. They hurt him and he went blind. He was very sorry he had broken his promise to God. Soon his hair began to grow.

Blind Samson prayed and asked God to give him strength one more time. He put his hands on the two stone pillars and the temple of idols fell down and all his people’s enemies died too.

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Shelf Wood
Shelf Wood

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