Rahab And The Spies

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Scriptural Reference : Joshua Chapter 2

After Moses had died Joshua became the new leader of the children of Israel and led them into the land God had promised them. This story is about a woman called Rahab who lived in this land in the city of Jericho.


It was time to go into the new land God had promised to the children of Israel. Joshua sent two men to spy out the city of Jericho to find out how strong their army was.

The two men pretended they were just visitors, but they were looking to see how strong the walls and gates of the city were and how many soldiers they would need to fight.

But someone recognized who the men really were and told the king that the spies were at Rahab’s house, near the wall. The King sent soldiers to find them.

Rahab knew that God had saved the children of Israel from King Pharaoh and that God was powerful and mighty. Before the soldiers came she hid the two men.


‘Hide up here on the roof, under these flax stalks I have drying. When God gives you this city, remember to save my family,’ said Rahab.

The soldiers searched the house, but they didn’t find the two men. They thought they must have left the city and they chased after them.

That night Rahab let the men down, outside the wall, on a red rope. ‘Keep a red rope hanging out of your window and we will remember to save you,’ the spies said. And they kept their promise.


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