Joseph Explain’s Pharoah’s Dream

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This story is found in the very first book of the Bible – the book of Genesis.

One night Pharaoh had a dream. He saw seven fat cows and seven thin cows. The thin cows ate up the fat cows, but the thin cows still looked hungry.

Children's Bible Story, Joseph Explains Pharaoh's Dream Source:LAMBSONGS ;

The next night he dreamed about seven fat stalks of corn and seven thin stalks of corn. The fat corn ate the thin corn, but they still looked hungry.

Pharaoh got all his wise men and magicians, with their magic powers, to find out what the dreams meant. But none of their magic worked.

Then Pharaoh’s best servant told him about a prisoner called Joseph, who could understand the meaning of dreams. ‘Send for him at once,’ commanded Pharaoh.

Children's Bible Story, Joseph Explains Pharaoh's Dream Source:LAMBSONGS ;

Joseph was in prison for something he didn’t do, but he trusted God. ‘God, you are always with me. Show me what Pharaoh’s dream means,’ prayed Joseph.

‘God said there will be a great harvest for seven years, then seven years of famine. Put a good man in charge of storing extra food, before the famine comes,’ Joseph told Pharaoh.

‘There is no one better than you,’ said Pharaoh. ‘You will be in charge of storing the food so that no one ever goes hungry.’ Joseph became the most important man in Egypt.


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