Jochebed, The Brave Mother of Moses

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When Pharaoh saw how strong his servants, the Hebrew men had become, he made a rule to kill all the baby boys before they grew stronger than his army.


He sent his soldiers to find all the baby boys in Hebrew families. The families were sad when the soldiers came to take their babies away.

Jochebed loved her new little baby boy. She prayed God would keep her baby safe, so he could grow up to be a man of God. She knew that God would hear her prayer.

Jochebed hid her baby boy from the soldiers. But as he got bigger he was harder to hide. He began to cry loudly and soon the soldiers would hear him.


I will make a basket of bulrushes to float him down the river,’ she said. ‘God please keep him safe,’ she prayed. She sent the baby’s sister, Miriam, to watch him.

Pharaoh’s daughter and her servants found the Hebrew baby and felt sorry for him, because he was hungry and crying. ‘Shall I get a Hebrew mother to feed him?’ asked Miriam.

‘Yes, I will pay her to look after him for me and I will call him Moses,’ said the Princess. So Moses’ brave mother looked after her own baby. She always thanked God for keeping him safe.


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