Jacob Is Forgiven By Esau

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Jacob Did A Lot Of Bad Things To Esau

Jacob treated his older twin brother Esau very badly. He wanted the blessings that belonged to the older son and was willing to tell lies and cheat to get what he wanted.

Jacob Forgives Esau

Esau was so angry when he found out what Jacob had done he threatened to kill him. Jacob was so scared he ran a long way away and worked for his mother’s brother, Laban. He got married and had many children.

Twenty Years Later, Jacob Goes Home

Twenty years had now passed. Jacob was excited to be taking his family back home but would his brother Esau still hold a grudge and want to kill him? He prayed that his brother Esau would forgive him and not be angry.

Jacob Sends A Messenger

Just to be sure that his family would be safe, he sent a messenger ahead to let his brother Esau know that he was coming and waited anxiously for the messenger to return.

Esau Forgives Jacob

The servant delivered the message to Esau. When he came back, he told Jacob that his brother was coming to meet him with 400 men!

Jacob Prepares To See Esau Again

Jacob was very scared and prayed to God. ‘God of my fathers Abraham and Isaac, You told me to return home and you would help me. I know I don’t deserve your kindness, but I pray that you will keep us all safe from my brother.’

He divided his family into two groups. ‘If my brother attacks the first group then the second group will have a chance to escape,’ he thought.


But when Esau and Jacob met, Esau did not attack him. Instead, he was so pleased to see his brother that all their old arguments were forgotten. Esau forgave his brother for all the hurt he had caused in the past.


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