Hannah’s Prayer

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Scripture Source : 1 Samuel : Chapter 1


his Bible story can be found in the Old Testament. God hears and answers our prayers.

Elkanah and Hannah had no children. Hannah prayed to God because she wanted a baby boy. Hannah was sad.

Elkanah tried to make her happy. ‘Don’t be sad, Hannah, I love you very much, much more than lots of children.’

Every year they both went to the Temple to give thanks to God. Hannah had something she wanted to pray about.

If God would give her a baby boy she would give him to the Priest to be his helper, but Eli, the Priest, thought she must be a drunk person.

‘You should not come in here drunk,’ he said. ‘I am praying to God,answered Hannah. ‘Go home,’ said Eli, ‘God has heard your prayer.’

Soon Hannah had some happy news! God has heard me,’ she said. ‘Weare having a baby! I have promised him to God.’

So, when Samuel was old enough, Elkanah and Hannah took him to be a helper in the Temple church. Samuel grew up to love God with all his heart.

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