Deborah and Barak

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Scripture Reference : Judges Chapter 4

Deborah was a woman who read and obeyed God’s laws. People came to her for help and advice. This story is found in the Bible in the
book of Judges.

After bad king Jabin invaded the land of Israel, his captain, Sisera, was mean and treated the people like slaves. ‘What can we do to be free?’ the people asked wise Deborah.

Deborah prayed, asking God for help. ‘Take 10 thousand men to fight Sisera,’ she told Barak the leader of the army, ‘God will help you to
win.’ But Barak was scared and didn’t trust God.

‘Sisera has 900 strong war chariots and he hasn’t lost a war for 20 years! I will only go if you come too,’ Barak replied. ‘God will use a
woman to defeat Sisera,’ said Deborah.

Barak and the people of Israel fought Sisera’s army all day. God sent rain and the enemy chariots got stuck in the mud. Deborah, Barak
and their soldiers were winning. But before they could catch Sisera, he quietly sneaked away and escaped.

A woman called Jael was alone in her tent nearby. She saw Sisera coming and prayed for help. Then she invited Sisera inside her tent to hide. He was tired and thirsty.

‘I will make a bed for you to rest,’ Jael said. Sisera didn’t know that Jael was tricking him. After drinking a glass of milk, he lay down and
went to sleep.

Jael crept over to sleeping Sisera, hit him on the head with a tent peg, and killed the big, tough, enemy commander. Just as God
had promised, a woman saved the people of Israel from their enemies.


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