Baby Moses Is Safe

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The children of Israel grew up to be big and strong and had to work hard for Pharaoh. King Pharaoh said, ‘I will take away all the baby boys before they are stronger than me.’

Miriam had a beautiful baby brother. She looked out of her window. When the soldiers came the family hid the baby and prayed that God would keep him safe.

Soon their baby was too big to hide. His mother made a special little bed, in a basket, to float the baby down the river Nile, to a safe place. ‘God will look after him,’
she said.

She tucked him in the bed and he fell fast asleep. ‘God keeps our baby safe,’ she prayed. Miriam, his sister, watched nearby. Then the baby began to cry.

Miriam saw a Princess come down to the river. The Princess found the baby and she loved him. ‘I will call him Moses,’ she said, ‘but I need someone to help me look after him.’

The Princess saw Miriam and sent her to find a lady to feed the hungry baby. Miriam ran home to get her mother and said, ‘The Princess needs you to look after the baby!’

When he was bigger Moses went to live with the Princess, in King Pharaoh’s Palace. Moses always loved God with all his heart and knew that God had kept him safe.


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