Was blind but now I see

Today’s Verse of the day

John 9:3,”Jesus answered, ‘It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.


Story of Jesus Healing The Blind Man

When I read today’s  verse of the of the day, the many thoughts and questions flooded my mind. First of all I wanted to know,  “What was the question?” The verse reveals Jesus’ answer but, I wanted to know the question. I was also curious about the “works of God”, what was going on here that that would allow “the works of God” to be displayed. I had no choice, I had to many questions, so I went to John and read the entire chapter (John 9:1-41)  and discovered I knew the story. This is the story about when Jesus made the blind man see. It is the scriptural reference in a popular hymn, Amazing grace, with the famous line, “was blind but now I see”.

Whenever I hear that phrase, “was blind but now I see” I think of the miracle. I also think of the metaphor, you know Jesus revealing the truth, and allowing everyone to “see”. But after reflecting on the verse of the day, and reading the chapter. I understand there is so much more to this. The fact that the miracle was performed was mentioned several times in this one chapter. The neighbors talk about it, the Pharisees talk about it, his parents talk about it even the once blind man says “I was blind but now I see”. Today’s verse helped me see the power in the miracle. It was more than about Jesus making Him see.

In the verse of the day Jesus said the man’s blindness was so, “that the works of God might be displayed in him.” On this day Jesus gave this mans years of suffering a purpose. (The purpose was always there, God knew it from the beginning). But on this day, the blind man became aware of it’s purpose. Because he was blind all his life, since birth, everyone around him knew it. So to see this man go from blind to sight was a miracle to behold. The people were so amazed, the went one step beyond the “what”, which was the miracle, to find out about “who”, which was Jesus.

Time and time again the people around the man asked about the miracle. Time and time again this gave the man the opportunity to not only say, “I was blind but now I see”. It also gave him an opportunity to talk about the one, Jesus Christ, who changed him for life. I can see in my own life, challenges that God permitted so that His works may be displayed in me. I am grateful today that God gives purpose to our pain and suffering.

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