How to walk in your purpose

I am not going to drag out the answer to the question, “how to walk out your purpose?” There is no point because I don’t believe it is a secret, and I think we all know deep down inside. The only way to walk out your purpose is to step directly into it!

What is success?

puzzle-1686918_1920I use to think of success as more of a destination. Perhaps when I make X amount of dollars. Our when I am living in my dream home or driving my dream car. How as I get older, and as a learn more about God’s purpose for me, I have a new definition. I know see it differently and define it differently. I use to see success as a destination, but now, it is truly a journey. I use to define success by my accomplishment but now I define my success by my walk. True success, I feel, is when you are walking in the purpose that God has created you for. Success is your constant movement in that which God has called you for, and created you for. (Ephesians 2:10)

4 Misconceptions I continue to overcome.

woman-1209866_1920I believe walk in your purpose is a continuous process. You are continually moving over hurdles, avoiding stumbling blocks. However sometimes you fall, and all you can do is get up, move forward and try to do better next time.

However I realized there where for misconceptions (lies) floating in my mind that really would hold me back. (And usually if I am ever frozen in fear it is one of these thoughts keeping me there)

#1- I don’t have a divine purpose.
In such a huge world, with so many people it is hard to believe that I was created with a specific purpose, but I was. The whole world may never know it, maybe just a small circle will ever see it. But what really matters is that I was created for it and I walk in it.  For example this very post. At the time of this I believe there are about 5 of you reading it a month….and that is perfect. You are the five I that was suppose to see it. This post may trigger you into action that may effect thousands!

#2- I am not ready yet to walk in my purpose
I know that God often shows me a vision of things he wants me to do. At first glance I think to myself…”I don’t know how to do that”. “I can’t do that”. The thing is God created us, and He had a purpose in mind for us. That means He will guide us to the resources we need. He will make sure we have everything we need to walk in the purpose He designed us for. For example I have now been teaching youth for over 15 years. While I enjoy it sooo much! It was something I was afraid to start. I felt that I didn’t know enough to teach the word of God. However God didn’t require me to know the whole bible. I just needed to know Him. That was enough. Over time, as I study in preparation to teach God provided everything I needed. That means you have have everything you need right now to start! ….so start!

#3-I don’t have the right background ( I have messed up to much)
I often feel like I am not good enough to do the things God has called me for. As I told you, when I began teaching youth I did not feel like I should be there. I have messed up, done things wrong, what kind of example is that for the youth. Turns out it is a good one. What God desires everyone to know He is very aware of your past, it is your future He wants to help you with (inspite of your past). It is not where we came from, it is where He wants to take us!

#4-I can’t get it right, I keep messing up
sand-768783_1920There is something all Christians have in common, we know we are flawed and need Jesus Christ in our life. It would be awesome if ones we choose Christ, we could walk perfectly. But that is not the case. Being a Christian means we will mess up, but now we are not on our own. Now we have someone to turn to. We have someone to help us do better. Jesus Christ is living in us, and He is continually helping us to walk in His will. Our walk doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be purposeful. It has to be for Him.

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