Devotional Topic : Seasons of Change

I know that I have heard this topic talked about a lot over the years in the church. But as I grow in life, and experience new things…this concept of Season in your life really speaks to me. ( I think it is also evidence of how God teaches us not only through His word but through the things He allows us to experience in the World)

If you look at nature, it is constantly shifting through seasons. The different changes to the weather and the appearance of nature. It can be incredibly hot in the summer, freezing in the winter months. In the fall we may experience some brisk days balanced with comfortable breezing evenings. And the spring just makes you want to live outside. (Now, of course, this all depend on where you live, that is what South Carolina). However, the point is I think…no I know life is exactly like the seasons.

As usual, this devotion topic is right on time for me. As I find my self-enjoying the new normal of being a single mom. I see that while my life is very different from what it once was, it is better. I have lost a lot. But I understand it was necessary for me to be where I am now….it is a seasonal change.

With the start of a new school year, I look at my 16-year-old. (a Junior in high school). I fully recognize that we are nearing the end of a season, as he begins to shift into adulthood. When I look at my eight-year-old. I see the immaturity starting to lose its grip as he prepares for the transition into early ten years. …it is a seasonal change.

I sit and think, as much as I have loved many aspects of my life, so much so I would love to freeze time and just rest in it, that is not God’s will. It is His will that we go through the season of life, to experience His perfect will and plan.

“Seasons can be challenging. They require bravery, obedience, dedication, and sometimes total upheaval of everything comfortable in our lives. …. In those seasons of life, the one who won’t change, won’t back down and won’t leave us stranded is our heavenly Father” (From A Little God Time For Women, Page 250)

The devotion today encourages me to be courageous in the midst of a seasonal change. Some times the change can be scary and overwhelming. If we are not careful, the only thing we will see is the change. The key is to remember there is an author of the change. God. And that is where our eyes should stay.

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