Devotional Topic: God is our healer

This devotional focused on Psalm 147: 1-3

Have you ever read something, It just made you give a sigh of relief. You could feel yourself exhaling (as if you had been holding your breath for hours) and then taking a deep breath. You feel your body relax, and fears drop to the side. You see things coming back into focus. Well, that is the feeling I often get when I read my bible and my devotionals. God’s word always centers me and brings me back into focus.

If you have never known a safe place. If you have never had someone who when they hugged you, all fears dropped to the side. If you never had someone to wipe away your tears, this may be difficult to relate to, but trust me it is real.

Broken souls, broken bodies, broken sisters, be reminded of his power in these moments and do not turn away.*

As I read this devotional it reminds me of when you are younger and something terrifies you, maybe it is a dream. Our scary sound in your room and you run into your parent’s room for safety. This devotional was to remind me (and you) that is who our God is.

Whatever hurt. fear or pain we are experiencing, we can seek refuge in God. In Psalms 147 it says “He heals the womb of every shattered heart”. That is indeed what He does. I want to point out that it doesn’t say He prevents the wound (although He can do that). This scripture reminds me that some times God will allow me to (or I make bad decisions so I must ) go through difficult situations that may wound me. It may break my heart. The beautiful thing is He is a healer. The devotional put it very nicely, it said, “There is no requirement or need too great; he will piece you back together.” (From A Little God Time For Women; Page 253)

* (Source) A Little God Time For Women: 365 Daily Devotions (New Faux Leather Gift Edition)

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