Devotion Topic : No power in fear!

This devotion focuses on Ephesians 6:14-15 (And the book of  2 Timothy).

Webster defines fear as, “to be afraid of:  expect with alarm fear the worst” (Read the whole definition here).  Fear, to me, is something or anything that stops you from making progress or keeps you for desiring to reach a destination or achieve a specific goal. Fear cause unnecessary challenges in your life. It prevents progress.

Sure sometimes your fear is well founded and it protects you. It saves your life. It keeps you from doing something that could potentially harm you. (That is a healthy fear). That is not the fear I am speaking of. Nor is the fear that the author of the devotional is speaking of today.

The fear I am speaking of is one that is founded in negative self-talk and supported by lies that others have told you about yourself, others or life in general. (I do believe we know the difference) While we may know, or at the very least suspect, that they are lies, we believe it because the fear feels very real. The fear seems too big and too strong for us.

I know personally, I have struggled with these negative thoughts, false truths in order to overcome the fear. I was only able to do it because I trust in God, and had faith in His word and began to understand the truth. (The truth about Him and myself) The author of this devotion says, “Fear comes from the enemy…. By believing his lies, we give him his greatest weapon. Instead, expose the lie for what it is.” (Source: A Little Time For God For Women* (Page 254))

Today I choose to focus on the one with all power! I choose to focus on the one who knows all about me, and desires great things for me!



* A Little God Time for Women: 365 Daily Devotions

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